Leslie Yeh is a multidisciplinary creative and strategist specializing in brand and experience marketing.

While many people tend to gravitate towards roles leaning one way or the other, my ideal playground is in the intersection of the two. This means I enjoy the research and analysis in developing strategy as much as I enjoy coming up with creative ideas to execute the strategy. It means I am just as comfortable navigating a spreadsheet as I am navigating Photoshop. It means I’m fluent in designer-speak and business-speak, and am great and selling strategy and ideas both ways.

The journalist in me always thinks story-first. Whether stringing data into actionable insights or translating brand values into social content or transforming campaign goals into sustainable experiences, I am able to think big and small to package a message into a compelling story that breaks through the clutter. My goal is to seek and uplift stories with cultural resonance that outlast a campaign by provoking thought, inspiring action and giving a reason why.

I believe detours come with valuable lessons. I also believe that creativity and strategic problem solving can be compromised by dedication to the established path. I subscribe to the "what if" philosophy, and love to re-contextualize the learnings of one industry to solve the problems of a seemingly unrelated project. Over the years, I've forged an unconventional path from client to agency to publisher side, gathering unique perspectives and skills along the way.  

I believe in form and function, content and distribution.

I believe context matters: that the where and the when are as important as the who and the what.

I believe in listening: to the industry, to culture, to data, to audiences.

Through my unconventional path from a stuffy university newsroom to a Fortune 500 company, from a major movie studio to a start up digital media company, I’ve learned how to gather insights, find white space opportunities, and advocate for resources to get things done.

In a landscape where content is disposable and campaigns feel ephemeral, I believe audiences deserve stories that provoke thought, inspire action and give a reason why.

My work philosophy is grounded in three core principles: commit to stories, push for innovation and optimize for sustainability. Stories help connect people to a message, and innovation helps the story capture attention. Most importantly, when done right, stories should outlive the campaign and be sustainable for the brand, the business, the audiences and ideally, the context, culturally or environmentally.

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the short answer: a little bit of everything

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