Leslie Yeh is a multidisciplinary creative and cultural strategist specializing in brand and content marketing, based in NYC.

My ideal playground is in the intersection of creative and strategy. I value the research and analysis in developing strategy as much as I enjoy conceptualizing creative. I know the language to sell through team priorities and can translate it into action with campaign execution and creative production.

I believe in thinking story-first. Whether translating data into insights or transforming brand values into content, I know how to package a message into a compelling story that breaks through the clutter. I seek and craft stories with cultural resonance that outlast a campaign by provoking thought, inspiring action and giving a reason why.

I believe detours inspire valuable innovation that might otherwise be compromised by a dedication to the established path. I subscribe to the "what if" philosophy, and have a strong bias for action. My unconventional path from client to agency to publisher has uncovered unique perspectives and skills along the way.

I believe in form and function, content and distribution.

I believe context matters: that the where and the when are as important as the who and the what.

I believe in listening: to the industry, to culture, to data, to audiences.

In a landscape where content is disposable and campaigns feel ephemeral, I believe audiences deserve stories that provoke thought, inspire action and give a reason why. I also believe that cultural and social relevance impact a business’s bottom line, now more than ever.

My work philosophy is grounded in three core principles: commit to stories, push for innovation and optimize for sustainability. Stories help connect people to a message, and innovation helps the story capture attention. Most importantly, when done right, stories should outlive the campaign and be sustainable for the brand, the business, the audiences and ideally, the context, culturally or environmentally.

here are some of the brands, creators and innovators I've had the pleasure of working with

so what do you do?

basically, I cut through the clutter at every stage to make good work happen easier


Transform cultural insights and research into strategic brand positioning, franchise building, and purpose-driven revenue growth.

Identify white space opportunities and strategic partnerships to amplify cultural relevance and social impact using available resources.


Create content with editorial storytelling and culture-leading creative direction to connect to audiences and drive action.

Curate cohesive campaigns across platforms that bring together content, experiences, talent, media, brands and products in an innovative and intentional way.


Build and invest in sustainable channels for amplification and cultural reach to capture emerging opportunities.

Analyze insights and apply learnings to optimize growth, evolve storytelling and inform business development.

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Leslie Yeh


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