Marketing Strategy + Creative

I believe in making things beautiful.
I believe in the power of stories to connect.
I believe in form and function, content and distribution.
I believe in data informing creative. In ideas grounded in insights.
I believe that context matters. That the where and the when are as important as the what.
I believe in listening. To the industry, to culture, to data, to audiences.
I believe in pursuing things that are just out of reach.
I believe in challenging the status quo, pushing frontiers and finding new canvases.
I believe in people, and what we can do when we work together.
I believe partnerships can be more than the sum of its parts.
I believe in doing things for a reason. In using influence to educate, connect, understand and empower.
I believe it is possible to guide every new project down a sustainable and socially responsible path to make a positive impact here and everywhere.

I pride myself in being a multidisciplinary team member who has worn many hats and is always eager to try on more. I have the critical eye of a graphic designer and the critical mind of an analyst. I feel equally happy at the front of a conference room as I do behind a camera.
Whether stringing data into actionable insights or interpreting brand values into social content or transforming campaign goals into sustainable experiences, I am able to craft a story that bridges the message and the audience in a compelling and accessible way.
I believe that detours come with the most valuable lessons. I’ve worked in entertainment, advertising and media, forging my own path across a variety of roles from the client to agency to publisher side and cultivating a unique skill set along the way.

Through my unconventional journey, I’ve gained perspective on the business that has proven invaluable in facilitating successful collaborations between different teams and partners.

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Editorial Design
Digital Design
Graphic Design (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
Video Editing (Final Cut Pro)
Copywriting. Scripting
Video Production
Creative Direction
Brand Identity
Creative Strategy
Community Management
Social Media Marketing


Brand Positioning + Management
Social Strategy
Comms / PR
Launch Strategy
Franchise Marketing
Audience Strategy
Media Alignment + Distribution
Campaign Planning
Content and Editorial Strategy
Competitive Research
Social Analytics + Reporting
Social Listening + Insights


New Business / Pitches
Strategic Partnerships
Client Relations
Social Impact / Corporate Responsibility Initiatives
GTM Strategy
Product Marketing
Alternate Revenue Development
Sponsorship Outreach
Co-Branded Products
Retail + Affliate Strategy
Influencer + Talent Network


Product Development
Project Management
Event Production
Event Programming
Experiential Marketing
B2B Industry Events
B2C High Impact Events
Retail Activations
Integrated OOH Campaigns
Digital Content Development
Social Products and Technology
Vendor Relations



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abandoned ideas
sustainable experiential
taking a stand
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